Data Protection Information

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2018

This tells you about how I use and protect personal data.


This website is non-interactive; i.e. it is a read-only application and cannot gather data in any format from user access.

It contains a reference on the Contacts page to a private e-mail account (

This is a webmail address that I use to communicate with people who have contacted me by this method.

The account is hosted by 1&1 Internet Services.

The contact details I obtain via this email address are (1) Name of contact and (2) their e-mail address.

If the contact provides other information such as home address and telephone number, this is only held in the body of the e-mail and not in my Contacts list. This information might be provided, for example, if I were sending one of my artworks to that person.

I also keep a copy of contact/client details on my personal computer hard drive in the form of an Excel spreadsheet. This information is not stored online (i.e. ‘cloud’ based) and is backed up on a regular basis. The PC is password protected.


As previously described, personal data is only held in my webmail account and a spreadsheet file on my personal computer.

This may be used for:

(1) Communicating with a contact who has asked a question or commented about my work

(2) Dealing with a transaction where a person wishes to purchase my artwork

(3) Contacting people on my list who I feel may be interested in new work I am producing

I do not share these data items with any individual or organisation


I will delete contact details of a person if

(1) I no longer feel the need for further communication with that individual

(2) I receive a request to delete contact information. This request should be made via the email address: