This is the little film about my work which was featured on the Channel 4 series Grayson Perry’s Art Club, produced by Swan Films.


Following the success of the Royal Academy 250th Anniversary Summer Exhibition in 2018 a group of us have got together in London to form The Yellow Room Artists

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My photograph Still Life with Fossil Seafood has been selected to hang in the Royal Academy this year. Usually the show is in the summer but this year it is in the autumn and over the Christmas period.

The image is a response to traditional Dutch Still Life paintings but with fossils instead of wheels of cheese and freshly boiled lobsters, and geodes instead of silver vessels. There are Scottish agates instead of cut lemons, and the grapes are carnelian and haematite (iron ore). One of the themes of Still Life was always the memento mori  - a reminder that Death awaits us all, and you can’t get more dead than a fossil.

The exhibition is available online.

Anna Grayson

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